The Lantern Festival

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The Lantern Festival

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Lunar month of the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival, also known as "the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival), has Festival, China is one of the traditional Festival of the han nationality and some ethnic brothers, also is the Chinese character culture circle area and one of the overseas Chinese traditional festivals. The han nationality traditional Lantern Festival began in the qin dynasty more than 2000 years ago. When Chinese emperor ordered the declared the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival. When the emperor, "a god" ritual activities on the fifteenth day of the first. (a: dominate all the god of the universe). Sima qian create "the beginning calendar", it has established the Lantern Festival as a great holiday. In the first month of the lunar January, the ancients said that night as "night", and on the fifteenth day is the first full moon night of the year, so called the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival. Also known as the small in the first month, yuan to evening or the Lantern Festival, is the first important after the Spring Festival holiday.
In han Chinese ancient customs, the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival), the hungry ghost festival (obon), yuan under section (section water officer) called the three yuan, is a very important traditional festival.
Eat yuanxiao, admire the lanterns, guess riddles is several important folk custom of the Lantern Festival.
The Lantern Festival feast and common activities, is along with the development of the history and extend and expand. Just one day, in terms of length of the feast, han dynasty to the tang dynasty has for three days, the song dynasty, for up to five days, the Ming dynasty, but also from the eighth day light didn't fall until the seventeenth day of the night lights, ten days. The day for the city, into the Spring Festival, very busy, night lights, spectacular. Especially the choiceness, colorful lights, more make it become the climax of entertainment activities during the Spring Festival. To the qing dynasty, but also increased the dragon dance, lion dance, bohanchuan, walking on stilts, "acrobatics" content such as dancing, just feast reduced to four to five days.

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