The qingming festival

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The qingming festival

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Qingming festival is also called TaQingJie in air with spring, is the 108th day after the winter solstice. Is Chinese traditional festival, is also one of the most important festival of sacrifice, is the day of ancestor worship and grave [1]. Chinese han nationality traditional tomb-sweeping day began about the zhou dynasty, has a history of more than two thousand five hundred years ago. Influenced by han culture, China's manchu and hezhen, zhuang, olunchun, dong, tujia, miao, yao, li, aquatic animals, such as, qiang jing in 24 ethnic minorities, have the custom of the qingming festival. Although custom is not the same, but the grave, outing, outing for ancestor worship is the basic theme.
Tomb-sweeping day is one of the important "age of 8" in China, usually in the Gregorian calendar before and after April 5, the feast is very long, there are 10 8 and 10 10 two versions in the future in the future, the nearly 20 days are tomb-sweeping day. Tomb-sweeping day the original refers to fifteen days after the vernal equinox, in 1935 the government of the republic of China provides for national holiday tomb-sweeping day, April 5, also known as national tomb sweeping festival.
The origin of the qingming festival, reportedly began in ancient Kings and princes "MuJi", later folk also follow, in this day ancestor worship, mourning ages follow and become a fixed custom of the Chinese nation. On May 20, 2006, approved by the state council listed in the first batch of state-level non-material cultural heritage list.

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