The laba festival

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The laba festival

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The laba festival, commonly known as "laba". The han nationality traditional festival, folk wisdom to eat "laba porridge", bubble laba garlic (in some places is "laba rice") of the customs. In places such as henan, laba rice porridge is also called "rice", is a kind of festival commemorate national hero yue fei eat custom.
Since ancient times first, laba is used to worship our ancestors and gods (including the goalkeeper, door god, house, kitchen, JingShen) sacrifice ceremony, praying for harvest and good luck. , according to the si ji jiao, features "records, la is the" age of December, and get together to share everything without cable also." Dynasty called LaRi jia ping, shang dynasty to the qing si ", the zhou dynasty as the "big wax"; Because the held in December said the month for the twelfth month, called the Greek festival this day LaRi. LaRi of pre-qin period after the winter solstice of the third day of the Buddhism was introduced later, at home in order to expand theThere are three: the meaning of "la"
A "la, also", combine the meaning of a new era (sui, etiquette volunteers record);
The "la with hunting", and refers to the good hunting for the beast ancestor worship to god, "la" from the "meat", "the winter" is to use meat;
Three yue "la, by plague spring-heralding".
The laba festival from LaRi, the lunar month, the most important holiday, the date for the day, the ancient called "LaRi", commonly known as "the laba festival".
influence by lines of traditional culture on the laba festival as the Buddha into way. Buddhism prevailed, followed the Buddha into day and LaRi fusion, known as a magic weapon "festival" in the field of Buddhism. Northern and southern dynasties began to fixed in the day.

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