xiao——Elegant scholar's preference

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xiao——Elegant scholar's preference

Postby chenyaya » Sat Sep 13, 2014 2:02 pm

Xiao, also known as long single tube and ShuChui, is a very old playing Musical Instruments.
Xiao has a long history, timbre and gentle, quiet and elegant, suitable for solo and repetition.
It usually made out of bamboo and the holes in the top. Six Kong Xiao and eight Kong Xiao, "according to the sound hole" the number is divided into six Kong Xiao and eight Kong Xiao two categories. Six Kong Xiao according to after the first five holes, after the first seven of eight Kong Xiao is one. The product of eight Kong Xiao for modern improvement.
Legend has it made for shun. ShuChui. Today, the term "" xiao", refers to the single GuanXiao.
Before the tang dynasty refers to the manifold "xiao", namely "pipe".
Single GuanXiao general and cylindrical tube body, usually has six to eight side refers to the hole, playing, press with finger holes, it can control different pitch. More GuanXiao for each tube, no side holes. Pipe called originally found in the tang dynasty zhao Lin "recorded by words", "yuan shi" in formal said multi-tube "xiao" for the "pipe".
Single GuanXiao today, referred to as "long".

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