The granddaddy of reed instrument

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The granddaddy of reed instrument

Postby chenyaya » Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:55 pm

Sheng, is China's han Chinese ancient wind instruments, it is the first to use free reed instruments in the world, and the development of western instruments has played a positive role in promoting.
Sheng blow holes within the reed instruments of reed instruments, is the ancestor of most existing reed instruments in the world. Sounds almost syllabic, elegance, quality soft, GeChangXing is strong, has the Chinese folk color.
Known of sheng yi sheng is the earliest physical, were unearthed from 6, 12, 14, 18 tube 3 kinds. Reed with bamboo, suitable body painted black with fine grain. Han, sheng and Yu occupy important position in the court, and relatively more Yu reuse.
Sheng bucket made of gourd, mouthpieces made from wood, a dozen root length ranging from bamboo tubes is in the shape of horseshoe arranged in sheng dou above. After the tang dynasty, the musician changed the sheng dou to wooden later after spread, and copper pipe to replace the wooden bucket, also changed from bamboo to copper strip.
Different areas have different styles of sheng. After the founding of new China, China's musical instrument maker and music workers, to constantly reform, sheng has successively developed a pa sheng sheng and other new varieties, key, overcome the range is not wide, shortcomings and so on can't transfer and quickly play inconvenience, to sheng brought new vitality.
Sheng timbre bright, sweet treble clear transparent, alto soft plump, bass vigorous low, the volume is bigger. And in the Chinese traditional wind instruments, and the only one able to blow out and acoustic instruments. In the ensemble, and other instruments can have the effect of harmonic band tone, rich band music. In the large national orchestral music, sheng sometimes use soprano, alto and bass three sheng.

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