Romantic solo instrument—— harp

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Romantic solo instrument—— harp

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The harp is Chinese han nationality of ancient stringed instrument. Originally referred to as "Mr Hou" or "empty" hou, in ancient times in addition to the court always use, also widely circulated in folk, in ancient times there lie the harp, vertical harp, phoenix first harp three kinds of shape. From the late 14th century popular no longer, so that slowly disappear, only saw some harp on previous mural and relief pattern.
Harp not ng hou (k) has a long history, has a long history, broad range, mellow sound clear,
Strong expressiveness. Ancient except palace gagaku use in civil widely circulated. Now commonly used in solo, repetition, and for the musical accompaniment, and applied in the large national orchestra. Harp in ancient times there lie the harp, vertical harp, chicken first harp three shape shi-ji sealed book "god:" so south Vietnam, pray for the temple too, been, beginning with dance, yi called songs, and 25 strings and empty hou harps since then." Shi-ji xiao wu biographic sketches of ":" so south Vietnam, pray for a shrine tai, been, beginning with dance, yi called songs, and 25 strings and harp was since then." Tu yu in the tang dynasty "access code" : "the emperor hou le people... made today according to its shape, like a harp and small, seven string, use dial play such as pipa also." This is a harp class lie the harp. Book from gansu jiayuguan wei-jin tomb brick, no capo on the panel. After vertical harp, imported from Persia, han dynasty is called "hu harp". "Records:" sui book music today QuXiang pipa, shaft head of the harp, and from the western regions, of Chinese musical instrument."
From ancient painted a lot of play the image of vertical harp shoso-in saved in tang dynasty in China and Japan, nara paint the harp and screw harp residual piece look, its speakers in bending upwards bent wood. Phoenix first harp shape like close to set the harp, and often in phoenix first name for decoration, the speaker is located in the bottom bar, also has chiu upward bent wood or chiu's role, to tight strings. As "happy tang book" contained: "chicken first harp, there are items such as chiu, and tu yu" access code ":" chicken first harp, head have chiu. Chiu or no chiu images in dunhuang wall have been seen in the book. Phoenix first after the introduction of the harp from India, used in the sui and tang dynasties yan music in India, to the song dynasty sui's book "le" is still with the harp, made in a variety of the existing in the Ming dynasty later lost.

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