a kind of drum without iron

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a kind of drum without iron

Postby chenyaya » Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:37 pm

Drum is a percussion instrument, the strong and is usually round drum drum body, one side or both sides with a piece of membrane tension. Drum can by hand or pestle tapping noise. Drum in traditional African music and modern music is an important instrument, some band completely composed of predominantly drum percussion instruments. In addition to being instrument drum in many ancient civilizations, but also used to spread information.
Drum is the traditional percussion instruments in our country, according to the rites • hall a record, in the early legend, "jain's" has had an "TuGu", when the clay into the drum. Due to the resonance of the drum has a good effect, voice agitation and voice loud and far away, so have long been cheer on Chinese ancestors for military purposes. The battle of legend emperor conquered the human-god integration involved problems.the zhuolu "yellow emperor kill real talent, with its skin for the drum, their five hundred" (our "peaceful" volume 582 guide "imperial century").
Amid the drums of ancient times, is all in the crocodile skins, and crocodile skin drum head chooses, is take the crocodile's violent behavior in drums. In the zhou dynasty, according to the rites, to legal ACTS on the carrier, has set up a "drum" dedicated to management system of drum, drum, etc. Drum drum people management has a variety of purposes, such as ray sacrifices spirit drum, drum, jin drum in the band, etc. Among them, specially for the military called "Fen, drum", according to according to the explanation, this is a kind of eight feet long, raised four feet, on both sides of leather drum. In addition, road, jin drum, drum, etc. Also used in military, for all kinds of the drum, the drum after development been widely applied in military.

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