Characteristics of Musical Instruments,guzheng

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Characteristics of Musical Instruments,guzheng

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Guzheng is China's very old han string, belongs to the plucked instruments. In the traditional Chinese Musical Instruments, Chinese zither sound beautiful, broad range, performance skills in the rich, is quite expressive force, was deeply loved by the masses of the people. Structure composed of panel, wild goose column (also called zheng some location code), strings, former YueShan, string after the tuning screw, box, piano, YueShan, side panel, the sound of mouth, backplane, wear string holes. Zheng, the shape of rectangular wooden box, string frame column "zheng" (that is, the wild goose column) can move freely, one string, according to the pentatonic scale is arranged, the first 25 strings zither as most (points for Mr Zheng), tang and song dynasty string 13 root, increased to ten after six, 18, 21 strings, etc., by far the most commonly used specifications for the 21st string; Usually guzheng model before using S163-21, YueShan S "S form, is the invention, together with the MiaoJinLin of wang xun 163 on behalf of the Chinese zither length is 163 cm, 21 representative guzheng string number 21.
Traditional guzheng early is divided into north and south on both sides, more representative of the "zhejiang, shandong, henan, hakka, chaozhou" five schools, in the modern, genre difference is very small, almost every genre of both houses.
Since the qin and han Chinese zither from north-west China gradually spread to all over the country, and combines with the local opera, rap and folk music, has formed a variety of schools with strong local style. Traditional guzheng is divided into north and south on both sides, is generally divided into nine pie, as Cao Zheng puts it, "the vast nine send flow China" factions of zheng music and playing method each has its own characteristics.

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