erhu,Looks like the cello

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erhu,Looks like the cello

Postby chenyaya » Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:30 pm

Erhu, Musical Instruments, began in the tang dynasty, has a history of more than one thousand years. It originated in ancient China as early as in the north xi, called "haegeum" at that time. It is mainly popular in the middle and lower reaches of the changjiang area in the past, so also called NaHu. Erhu is charming bowed instrument in our country. It can show the content of the deep, sad, also can describe a splendor of artistic conception, the timbre is close to human, has the very high emotional expression.
According to the China culture history of three hundred information: the song dynasty is the foreign musical instrument in the second stage of development and the central plains culture fusion.
Song yuan Ming and qing dynasties, with the development of opera, folk art, folk Musical Instruments with the rise of "GouLan" "WaShe" developed its own accompaniment instrument. One of the most important Musical Instruments is derived from Mongolia, the western regions of horsetail urheen (also known as urheen music), the fusion, and power left JiQin, rolling zheng, created a novel urheen. This instrument fully mature sign Chinese bowstring instrument.
Later, with the need of local opera singing style, the urheen and gradual differentiation, qin, henan opera has been innovating need pan-hu, Peking Opera, jinghu, JingErHu hanchu opera, henan pendant need pendant hu, the guangdong cantonese opera need kao-hu, coconut, hu's chao-ju need hunan hub with big drum, Mongolia rap with Mongol four-stringed instrument, sichuan opera with the cover board, henan f be with four strings, play with pillow, putian of fujian province dong operas with the bracket harp, zhuang opera with a horse, JinJu bowed stringed instrument with two strands of strings, etc. So, the erhu is actually one of the numerous bowed stringed instrument, it is named far later than its premiere. So said "erhu" began in the tang dynasty is not accurate, it should be said that "premiere" began in the tang dynasty.

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