The Summer Palace——royal garden in China

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The Summer Palace——royal garden in China

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Yuanmingyuan (Old Summer Palce; Yuanmingyuan Imperial Garden) is located in the western suburbs of Beijing, adjacent to the Summer palace, the Yuanmingyuan Garden and yee, changchun spring park, so also called yuan Ming three gardens. In addition, there are many small garden, located in the old Summer Palace east, west, south three sides, the month around the Summer Palace. [1], the Summer Palace is one of the famous imperial garden in qing dynasty, covers an area of five thousand two hundred mu, more than one hundred and fifty. Building area of 160000 square meters, has a "garden of the garden," said. The qing dynasty emperor every summer here is summer, scenes, military and political affairs, therefore also calls the "Summer Palace".
The old Summer Palace was built in 1709 (kangxi 48 years), was originally kangxi give three-dimensional 禛. After yongzheng acceded to the throne in 1722, to expand the original garden, and in the house and garden south bestowed the legitimate geunjeongjeon and cabinet, six, all the values of grand council room, in order to "avoid loud audiences". During the reign of the qianlong emperor except for the local build, rebuilding yuanmingyuan, changchun, also in the east of the new park, in the southeast of the adjacent incorporates Wan Chunyuan. Yuan Ming three gardens pattern basic formation. Jiaqing dynasty, to repair and expanding of yee spring park, making it one of the main YuanJu places. Light toward, the state declines, lack of financial resources, but rather from flower, fragrant hill and yuquan the display of the "three mountains", "jehol summer with mulan hunting, still don't give up yuan Ming three gardens renovation and decoration. Anglo-french allied forces ransacked the yuanmingyuan, 1860 cultural relics looted, stagnation to repair the old Summer Palace, when the emperor was forced to stop, because of financial difficulties after converted to other buildings. After the g8 coalition, by the reputation of bureaucrats and warlords devastate, eventually turned into ruins.
Yuanmingyuan inherits 3000 years of Chinese excellent traditional gardening, elegant, from palace architecture and euphemism of the jiangnan gardens, absorbed the essence of european-style garden again at the same time, the different styles of landscape architecture, by French writer Victor Hugo praised as "model of ideal and art".

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