Suhzhou Embroidery

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Suhzhou Embroidery

Postby chenyaya » Sat Aug 09, 2014 5:48 am

Suzhou embroidery is short for "embroidery". Long-term edification of suzhou embroidery culture, and craftsmanship widely spread, make China hand embroidery industry rapid development, the formation of "yue embroidery", "xiang", "shu embroidery embroidery, the hundreds of landscape.
Suzhou embroidery originated in suzhou wuxian country. Suzhou women's disposition gentle, practical and good at needle work. Suzhou embroidery niang has more than ten thousand people, every family has a embroidery, embroidered mother family. Suzhou embroidery technology is needle embroidery threads, according to the decorative pattern of design and color, in advance on the silk and cotton fabric compose operation, through the embroidery stitch structure design, pattern, text in order to obtain artistic effect. Suzhou embroidery has a beautiful pattern, color and elegant, rich, embroidery stitch work fine features.

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