Four treasures of the study – inkstone

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Four treasures of the study – inkstone

Postby chenyaya » Fri Aug 08, 2014 3:01 pm

Inkstone while in "by replacing ink" in each competition in a number of the row of time, but on the one hand, is in the leading position, the so-called "treasures" inkstone, led, this is due to the quality of a material is solid, it can pass the one hundred generation. So, most with inkstone "treasures" of today's society, popular and the most extensive. The earliest Chinese ink stone is produced by the long time? What's the difference between it and we use the ink stone? Archaeologists in ginger, lintong county, shaanxi province in the village a site of the primitive society, and is now a set of primitive man to painted pottery tools, including a party inkstone, inkstone with cover, inkstone face slightly concave, sunken place and have a grinding stone pestle, inkstone retained by several piece of black paint. Obviously, this is the ancestors' using grinding grinding pigment spot shape of early inkstone. Since this site belongs to the matriarchal clan period yangshao righteousness, so the actual ShouLing side inkstone has more than five thousand years. Inkstone this with grinding pestle or grind stone shape from what time to begin to change, or cancel the grinding stone pestle or inquiry, and close to the inkstone? Until the han period. Han dynasty because of the invention of the artificial system of ink, the ink can be directly on the inkstone grinding, reason need not again with the help of a grinding stone pestle or inquiry to grind a natural or half natural ink. In that case, grinding stone pestle or inquiry after the prehistoric and xia long distances of more than three thousand years, it gradually blanking, although today has not used to, but its for the spread of culture has still not merit.

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