Four treasures of the study - a pen

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Four treasures of the study - a pen

Postby chenyaya » Fri Aug 08, 2014 2:52 pm

Chinese calligraphy tools and materials is basically by pen, ink, paper and inkstone evolved, people usually call them "four treasures of the study", is roughly said they are essential in the study of the literati four baby. Because the Chinese ancient scholars are basically or books, or can draw, or to book and painting, is inseparable from the by replacing ink this four baby.

In numerous pen class products, Chinese is a unique category of China. The traditional writing brush is not only the ancients necessary stationeries appliance, and in the expression of Chinese calligraphy and painting of special flavor is different. But vulnerable because of the writing brush, not save, the ancient pen fraction of reason may up to now. More ancient pen varieties, from the pen of my blessings come up points of raw materials, has a rabbit hair, white, yellow, green wool wool as deer, sheep, horse hair, wool, musk deer hair, badger, raccoon dog hair, marten hair, rat, rat tail, tiger, Wolf, fox fur, MAO otters, orangutans, MAO MAO goose feather, duck feather, feather, pheasant wool and pig hair, hair, beard, thatch, etc. Points from the performance, are hard, soft hair, JianHao. From the barrel of the quality of a material, and water bamboo, bamboo chicken, spot bamboo, brown, purple bamboo, good wood, chicken wing wood, rosewood, sandalwood, nanmu, KuangXiang wood, carved lacquerware, green paint, screw, ivory and rhino horn, horn, unicorn horns, hawksbill, jade, crystal, glass, gold, silver, porcelain, etc., quite a lot of precious materials. Zhou dynasty bamboo inscribed wooden slip, has been widely used on 缣帛 writing brush to write. Hubei province draws bang pier tomb discovered during the spring and autumn period of Chinese brush-pen, is the earliest found pen. Behind, in changsha city of hunan province unearthed from the warring states pen ZuoGuGong mountain, yunmeng county, hubei province sleep tiger, tianshui, gansu province unearthed qin pen, put your horse to beach and changsha mawangdui, jiangling county, hubei province, wuwei, gansu province, phoenix mountain suspension springs and horse bay of dunhuang city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region in ancient bamboo han pen, wuwei western jin pen and so on are the remains of ancient times of rare precious information.

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