Writing brush washer

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Writing brush washer

Postby chenyaya » Fri Aug 08, 2014 2:40 pm

Writing brush washer is four treasures outside of the pen, ink, paper and inkstone a four appliance, is to hold water washing pen of the vessel, to shape clever, variety, refined elegant and popular, most of the writing brush washer, many art treasures.
Writing brush washer has a lot of germplasm, including porcelain, jade, agate, enamel, ivory and rhinoceros horn, basic belong to a rare material. Various kinds of writing brush washer, porcelain is the most common writing brush washer.
All sorts of modelling of writing brush washer not only rich and colorful, interest is full, and exquisite workmanship, image lifelike, as a copywriter, not only practical, more can happy affection raises a gender, edify sentiment. The ancient made of shells, jade; The song dynasty has elegant porcelain appeared writing brush washer; In the Ming dynasty was made of copper small jar is a writing brush washer, past dynasties such as jade, pottery making, more colorful. Type is oblate, blue and white porcelain is more, the act the role of all sorts of flowers spinning design, very simple, elegant and grave feeling.

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