New Younger---Northern China characteristic dance

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New Younger---Northern China characteristic dance

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The han nationality dance, is the result of the planting farmland labor life, and sacrifice to god, pray for a harvest sing carols. Popular yangko han areas in north China, mainly on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month the Lantern Festival on the square, is a collection of song, dance and drama into a comprehensive art form, non-material cultural heritage. English transliteration of "New Younger".
Every major holiday, such as the New Year, urban and rural organization team, say hello to New Year, bless each other, and entertainment. In addition, different yangge village will twist up between adjacent to visit each other, than song and dance. Yangko is popular a kind of folk dance in the rural areas. The use of it in colour, embodies the distinctive national style. Dancing when people wear clothing color contrast, red blue yellow green. Everyone in the rendition of gongs, song and dance, to express the joyful mood, express a vision of a better life.
Yangge on May 20, 2006, approved by the state council listed in the first batch of state-level non-material cultural heritage list. On June 8, 2007, taigu county, Shanxi Province yangko troupe and shuozhou DaYangGe troupe by the state ministry of culture to get the first prize for cultural heritage day.
Widespread in our country and has distinct national characteristics form of dance. Mainly in the traditional lunar calendar the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival in the square. This dance is closely related to agricultural labor. Footwork by labor, as the basis of dance moves, in art processing, and the dance team and tidy of the masses, formed a complete special twisting yanko dance, and then gradually become New Year congratulations, entertaining jan team dance, perform content mostly folk stories, myths and legends. Special twisting yanko dance had already been popular in qing dynasty, the qing dynasty scholar Wu Xiqi in his book copy New Year miscellaneous poems in song dynasty popular folk dance village dengaku is special twisting yanko dance.

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